General knowledge of Erectile dysfunction

General knowledge of Erectile dysfunction

Erectile disfunction (Latin impotens -. Impotent) – erection dysfunction when integrality of the male penis, his hardness and straightness are not enough for normal sexual act.

Medical symptoms

Erectile Disfunction – it is when resistant man inability to commit a sexual act in its entirety. During normal sexual function sexual intercourse (for men) consists of sexual process and ejaculation. The absence of any component means that male can`t feel fullness of coitus. It is happens when man has problems with erection or ejaculation.

According to Brockhaus and Efron Encyclopedic:
« Erectile disfunction – male weakness. There are coeundi IV and VI generandi, male infertility, it is mean the lack of fertility. Occasionally it is especially debilitating, caused disease and severe lesions of the CNS it is especially debilitating, caused disease and severe lesions of the CNS, such as, eg., Diabetes diabetes, Bright’s disease, in the later stages of tabes dorsalis, when morphinism. In such cases, we are dealing with a constant and unconditional male impotence. It is often necessary to observe a temporary impotence, known as psychic AI, which is quite a lot of obsessively healthy subjects. It is often in close connection with the test for the first time excited, timidity, and so on. »


All is closely related to the causes, it causes. Mental forms it has successfully treated by psychic means.
Sexual function disorders usually are not independent diseases, but there are also developed as companion. Male impotence caused by illnesses, referred to as organic.
Erectile dysfunction is painful sexual intercourse, either penetrating or to the host partner.
However, according to experts, in most cases, erectile dysfunction is associated with neuro-psychiatric disorders (neurosis, neurotic state in variety of illnesses, depression, etc.). This called psychogenic erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction can occur as a side effect of receiving many common drugs: antihypertensive, psychotropic agents that suppress the CNS, some estrogen, drugs against cancer. The organic and psychogenic impotence is manifested in different ways.
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Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Causes of Erectile DysfunctionThere are psychological, organic and mixed forms of ED. Most men explain that problems with erection (impotence) are psychological disorders. However, it is shown that 80% ED cases have an organic nature and occurs as a complication of a variety of systemic diseases. These include diabetes, cardiovascular disease, neurological disorders, hormonal disorders, injuries. In addition, sexual dysfunction may be a side effect of certain medications, a consequence of surgery or injury in the pelvic area.
Among men, a common misconception that erectile dysfunction occurs with age. This is not so – the age has nothing to do with violations of potency. The probability of occurrence of various diseases increases with age, but the disease-and are true “culprits” potency disorders. Unhealthy habits can often cause impotence in young men.


• PDE5 inhibitors: Viagra, Dynamico, Cialis, Levitra (give only short-term effect);
• plant-based substances: Ginseng, Eurycoma longifolia;
• making positive changes in lifestyle (eg, quit smoking and exercise more);
• injection into the urethra;
• injection into corpus cavernosum (papaverine, alprostadil, etc.);
• Vacuum devices for penis;
• psychotherapy;
• massage;
• Vascular surgery on the penis (dorsal vein resection, endovascular embolization penial veins). Note vascular low efficiency of these operations. Only in rare cases, the effect of which is stored for more than one or two years.
• If all of the above are not efficiently used prosthetic penis.

Preventing ED

• To prevent the development of ED, it is required:
• Have healthy habits, eat well and regularly, exercise, monitor their health;
• not smoking, not abusing alcohol (and better – to abandon its use), not to use narcotic drugs;
• Avoid substances that increase the possibility of contracting with ED or use them carefully after doctor`s consultation
• hava regular sex life without long periods of abstinence and sexual misconduct;
• have consultation with urologist regularly

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